“The Weather is Nice and the Weed is Good.”

“Puff. Pass. Love.” was birthed out of the necessity to document my marijuana & yoga journey since relocating to California in 2015. I hope my experiences entice you to indulge in both. If not, feel free to live vicariously through me as I share how both yoga and weed assist me as I find my place and a few friends in the City of Angels.

After high school, I was crushed when the university I was slated to attend announced its accreditation was fickle, which meant I was no longer going to Texas. Post-college graduation, I planned to move to New York but couldn’t find a decent paying job. I refused to be a starving artist.

Fast forward...

Eighteen months ago... I relocated to the land of milk & honey without an obstacle to stop me. I quit my job, sold my belongings, leased my beloved 2-bedroom condo and moved to the West Side of Los Angeles.

I honestly expected my relocation to be easy. I’m outgoing, fairly attractive and didn’t move to Los Angeles in hopes of a breakout Hollywood career…. winning, right? Nah. I’m friendless, man-less and my new job requires me to travel most weekends leaving me the inability to meet new friends or a new man. Six months in and I hate California. I despised paying 30% more rent for 50% less of the space, I loathed the traffic and I resented the fact I wasn’t easily meeting new people to be part of my LA squad, of which I was currently the lone member. It was disappointing to realize I wasn’t falling in love with my new city. My friends from back home would check in and ask how the move was and I would reply “the weather is nice and the weed is good”. That phrase was the ONLY positive thing I had to say about my recent adventure.

California weed is everything they rap about and the accessibility of weed through the medical marijuana laws were astonishing as a recent Los Angeles transplant.  After I obtained my medical marijuana card to treat my insomnia and mild depression caused by the relocation I experienced weed in a new way. Marijuana evolved from a drug I was taught to avoid to a daily regimen in my health routine. Yoga on the beach and smoke a joint was exactly what the doctor ordered. Literally.

Til next time….

-The Yogi-Stoner

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