Mary Features: Angel Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream

Kiet Truong - COO | Partner of Angel Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream

 Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush

As featured in High Times “Here’s Why Weed Is The New Wine”, Angle Haus Gourmet Cannabis Ice Cream is a game changer in the cannabis industry. Offering delivery service of their decadent treat, Angel Haus is a business on the boom! I had the opportunity to meet the COO | Partner, Kiet Truong, to discuss the 1-year-old company.

Kiet and I met on a rainy Saturday afternoon at his family owned coffee shop, Chu Thong, located in Gardena, CA. Upon walking in I was greeted with a huge smile and a delicious mint lemonade as he finished ringing up customers before our interview. As we spoke, Kiet told me a story of how he met the owner and founder of Angel Haus, Anthony Jackson, through the #fuckcancer hashtag on Instagram when he posted a photo of a new pomegranate (cancer fighting) drink he crafted for his coffee shop. The two developed a rapport and Anthony soon asked Kiet to come on as COO of the brand.

“Angel Haus offers patients organic ice cream options, including vegan, to medicate outside of traditional methods; like rolling a joint”, Kiet expressed.  Through researched dosages, the ice cream will not leave patients couch locked and unproductive. “The dosages give the patient opportunity to pair the ice cream with other medicated treats.”  (I personally paired the vanilla ice cream with my own medicated sea salt caramel brownies!) The gourmet ice cream brand does not cut corners when creating their product. Ice cream powder is never used and each ingredient in each batch is fresh.  You can actually chew on the blueberries inside every scoop of the brand’s famous Blueberry Kush! Angel Haus collaborates with other brands such as Stoned Cones and Lucy Goosey Edibles, who also focus on the responsible ingestion of cannabis as a way of medication.   

Philanthropy is another aspect of the Angle Haus business that is dear to each of the owners. They donate to cancer research and are in the midst of developing a special flavor for the cancer society in which all proceeds of the varietal will be donated to charity.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to follow Angel Haus on Instagram @angelhaus_cannabisicecream for your next delivery and details on upcoming events!